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Corporate and web video production for streaming and sharing video content

video production The use of video as a mainstream marketing tool is increasing exponentially, the benefits of video are now so clear that even the smallest of businesses are using streaming video in their website and uploading it to distribution channels such as Youtube and Vimeo so customers can easily access product information and share across social networks.

With Google now owning Youtube, the Google algorithm, the process by which information in the Google search engine is assessed and ranked in relevance is now much more geared towards video content, so videos optimised for the web are now often shown at the top of Google and other search engines above other content.

Whether you are looking for a simple podcast type video, to something more complex like a corporate or training video, at Ashforth we can provide the scripting, direction, filming and distribution of your video, so you get real exposure and maximum return on investment for your budget.

Our services don't end with handing over your video. We can also assist in developing social networks for your business and advise on how to capture customer information and maximise sharing, likes and develop rapport with your intended audience.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • High quality broadcast quality video within reach of smaller businesses
  • Easily integrate video content onto main social platforms such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook
  • Develop a funnel of data capture for your videos with maximum exposure
  • Excellent to stream onto website, share via email marketing campaigns and use in premises
  • Easy to demonstrate harder to show details and product features
  • Incorporate sound, music and graphics supporting your brand identity

Ashforth's video expertise can bring your products and services to life in a way that will create a positive and lasting impression. We can also show you how to get your video out to the world and use the enquiries this generates to increase sales and profits.

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