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October 2018 - Download our free Marketing Planning Checklist

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September 2018 - Factors on choosing between marketing companies

Not all marketing companies are the same. It’s a fact that in the service offerings of many marketing agencies out there that there will be obvious differences inMarketing Company specialisation, and also in the quality within those services. So how do you evaluate the best marketing services and make sense of the competing offers of your shortlist of marketing companies?
One of the key pieces of advice we can offer is that research and due diligence really pays off. Just as if you were an investor in a potential company (which as a potential client you actually are) you should take in and research as much of the information as there is available from the company concerned.
Don’t be afraid to ask about a company’s credentials, qualifications, experience and type of clients, also about their budget expectations. The last point is important as many potential marketing companies can be ruled out immediately if they are positioned well above your budget in terms of their entry level fees.
Depending on the specific service you are looking at, get an idea of the type of work the company specialises in. Don’t just take their word for it that they are fully expert in the service you are seeking. Look for evidence of this in their work. There should be abundant samples available and in most cases actual case studies for you to read and compare.
Many marketing agencies will have expertise in a narrow field of operation, such as SEO, digital services or the more traditional design for print or media advertising. Try to find what the main thrust of your prospective company’s offer is and if they really have the depth of experience you are looking for.
Testimonials and social proof are always handy desk research tools to use. This simply means looking at the reviews they have received from other clients of a similar size and service area to you.
Try to see common threads in the comments and if any negative comments are visible anywhere. Social proof is about looking into the variety of other online connections of the business and interactions that can tell you about the business in more depth.
For example, comments on the Facebook page under posts can be more honest than testimonials the company has hand-picked to display on the website.
When it all comes down to it and you have a very small shortlist to choose from it can come down to gut feeling and after the research has done the sorting out of the wheat from the chaff, that’s the feeling to trust and go with.

December 2017 - What does Google's removal of side adverts mean to your business SEO?

With the recent news that Google have removed the side adverts in their search results, we look at some of the likely impacts of this and what it actually means for users of Adwords and those engaged in natural SEO activities. It appears that the move is in an effort by Google to integrate the mobile and desktop search experience with the removal of side ads making the mobile and desktop view more seamless as the results are in a linear list. There are exeptions but in general from now on there will only be ads displayed at the top and the bottom of search results. One of the obvious questions for advertisers is will there be less ad results per page, i.e. so they will no longer be on page one of the search results? This does look to be the case but Google are potentially looking to provide more top paid ads with the effect of moving the first natural results a little further down the page, which may be of concern to top ranking pages in natural search query results. What is not obvious at this stage is how this major change will affect user behaviour when the side ads have been so much a ubiquitous feature of the Google search results display for so long. It is likely to have a large impact and this remains to be seen by both natural rankers and paid-for players. PPC managers and other online marketing companies will be scanning through their statistics for evidence of changes to click through rates and changes of rank in terms of their page 1 rankings. Google's removal of side advertising will naturally mean that the position of many ads will be at the very bottom of the page, this is not a good thing in general as now a desktop user, particularly those with a smaller screen view, will have to scroll down the page to see the ads at the bottom of the natural list of search results. The fact that the mid-ranking ads are not now on display at the side, but at the very bottom may be likely to create more competition and higher bids to get above the natural results, not such good news for advertisers.

July 2016 - Let us be your full-service Marketing Department

If you are one of the very few business owners who have the time to spend working on all the aspects of your marketing, and are skilled in both online an offline marketing disciplines that's great and we applaud you. For the rest, have you considered how much full service marketing companyeasier your life could be if you were to give all the hard work of your marketing to another company and they could do it all for you? At Ashforth Marketing, that's exactly what we do. We are a full-service marketing company, based in Preston in Lancashire, but providing our services across the whole of the UK and beyond.

We provide many types of businesses with a full range of marketing services that cover virtually every need a business could have. We are not a design agency and we are not a web company, we are a marketing company. So we are much more interested in guiding the bigger picture of your marketing and getting you the success your business deserves by providing our expert input.

So how does it work and is it expensive? The answer to the first part of this question is that we are flexible in the way that we work. We care about how you operate as a business and how you are structured. So most of our clients are on a monthly retainer, but some come in on a project basis and some agree other mutual terms that can work for both parties. We are low cost when compared to other marketing methods and we are fully accountable for the results that we achieve. There is no tie in to our services so clients are free to pause or cancel at any time.

Having a marketing department working on your marketing brings a structure and direction to your marketing that you may not have had before. We are senior marketers and we are hands-on. We are not about designing a fantastic plan and then deserting you to get on with it. What we offer is a close working relationship with us. We take it personally and if we are going to work with you, and you with us, we give 100% for you and we expect the same commitment from you. After all, what's the point in doing something is you are not going to do it right?

So in summary, if you own a business and you recognise that you need help in marketing. We are the team to help and we will work hard on your behalf. Firstly on getting you a great marketing plan that covers everything important. Next, on offering you full implementation of that plan over the coming weeks and months. Our clients don't worry about their marketing. Beacuse we do it for them whilst they get on with running their businesses.

October 2015 - The basics for page #1 search engine ranking
Five years ago, getting good ranking for your website, or a page on your website was a much less complicated affair than it is today, yet actually the changes in the Google algorithm and that of other major search engines only reflect the public's need for the simple matching of a search query to the most accurate and relevant results available.

It is therefore possible for most businesses to achieve a good ranking for their web pages, it takes some knowhow, but the most important aspect is to deliver the best possible information on a product or service, with enough good copy and a logical order of the elements on the page that ensure it is not penalised for breaches of good online etiquette.

One of the most recently talked about changes, is that of Google penalising sites that are not mobile friendly. This makes sense given that since early 2014 more searches are now made via mobile devices and tablets than desktop computers, so it naturally follows that a user will want websites that look good and navigations that they don't have to struggle with when viewing on a mobile device. Google want to keep up with this trend and so will now favour responsive web designs, i.e. ones where the information floats into different viewing formats so that links, scrolling and buttons can be managed by finger swipes and touches.

Aside from a mobile friendly website, that is virtually going to be a must within the next five years, what else can be done to get a good ranking on Google and the other major search engines?

Here are the top areas to get right, follow these and update your content regularly and you will have a much better chance of achieving a #1 page ranking.

1, Decide on your geographical catchment area. This matters alot as there is no point trying to get #1 ranking nationally if you only really need to attract customers in the local area. If your strategy is definitely local, that's good news as it's much easier to get local and regional ranking. Ensure you have a listing on G+ for your business and a Yell listing, both of these can get you a first page ranking, albeit indirectly, but the added traffic will help your rankings.

2, Ensure each of your pages has a good page title, this is the title of the page that appears in the top tab on your browser on roll-over, as opposed to a main headline on the page. A good title will have the main keyword or keywords for that page within it. it should be short and to the point and make sense. Don't repeat the same words and check all spelling is correct.

3, Ensure each page has a relevant meta description, this is the short snippet of information that appears in the search results on Google, but is not visible on the page of your website. A meta description should be short, under 140 characters and should include your main one or two keywords for that page. It should make sense to a reader and be appealing and informative.

4, Page headline - this is the visible main headline for the page, that is usually in bold or larger type, it should be be in a HTML font, so that search engines can crawl it. It should contain one or two of your main keywords. Again, don't repeat words and ensure it makes good sense to the reader for what the page is about.

5, Page body copy - Ideally, there should be 500+ words on the page that is a good write up for what the page is about. Keep the copy tight and keep checking that it is not running off at a tangent subject wise. It is probably natural that this copy will include some of your keywords but don't load the page with too many or it could be penalised. Keep in mind that the copy should ideally be a perfect match for what you think the reader would want to know about the product or service, so include features and benefits and make the copy persuasive so the page is more likely to convert to enquiries.

6, Images on the page should include image alt tags, these are the snippets of words that become visible when the image is rolled over. they should give a description of the image, and by definitiion this will usually include a keyword.

7, Have a page on your website that is a site-map, this is a good discipline for usability and is also rewarded by search engines. Remember that search robots love logical organisation of information that is easy to reference, so a site-map is a vaulable search engine optimisation tool.

8, Generation of backlinks - All of the above are onsite SEO techniques, but for more competitive business areas, it is also necessary to generate quality backlinks to your page. Google and other search engines consider your website to be of greater authority on a subject if you are linked to from other highly regarded websites, so in effect you are sharing some of their popularity. It's usually a good idea to buy in this service, as it can be time consuming contacting and liasing with bloggers and forums and then handling the liaison and negotiations that follow.

9, If you do have a regional or local strategy, then you will include references to your town or towns, cities that you operate in. this should be inluded on all the major pages particularly in the title tag, meta description and body copy of your page. Always ensure you do this with balance as you will be penalised for the repetition of words that affect the readability and relevance of the page.

10, Include an email sign-up on your site. This will enable you to build a prospect database of people genuinely interested in your products and services. As you generate good content to share you will then get better engagement and the possibility of further inbound links to your website, further strengthening the authority of your site in the online marketplace.

Want to discuss your own online strategy? need help with implementation? We are a full service marketing company, give us a call any time on 01772 378 330

April 2015 Take a hold of your marketing this year
For many business owners, now is the time to take a good look at the marketing side of their business, and start to action plans to fill up the sales pipeline. If you're new to setting goals for your business, it's not too difficult to get going with making a basic marketing plan and it's never too late to start. A good starting place is to evaluate the current situation of the business and get some basic criteria on which you would ike to improve. This could be number of new orders, turnover, profit, expansion of premises, new staff, new products etc.. So when you have the criteria, put a number on it, so your goal is specific and you can easily visualise what it looks like. The next important step is to look at a timeframe for your goal and to set the initial actions in place that you will make a start on. Most business owners have a pretty good idea on where they want to be, but the next important step is to think of WHY you want the targets you have set. Write down what these things mean to you and what you will get out of it on a personal level. Still not feeling motivated by your goals? Just review in a day or so until you have a small set of goals that have a stronger meaning for you, it will power the action you need to take to see them through. Take a look at your business goals on a daily basis, make it the first thing you do in your day. Don't be afraid to edit and shape the vision as you go along - in writing your business goals down you will have a strong reminder of where you are going, why you're doing it and when you'll get there. The last thing is to get your thinking in terms of already having the things you have asked for. You will be amazed at how things take shape when you put it all together. Good luck for a brilliant year!

October 2014 Comparing marketing companies and finding the right match for your business
Choosing a marketing companyAs in all fields of business, there are many different niches within each sector so it can take many hours of research to find the right potential match for the products or services you are interested in. This is no different when it comes to comparing and selecting marketing companies. With so many marketing companies out there, it can be a daunting task to find the right company that has both experience in your sector, and can come in to your budget expectations.
A good starting point in finding the right marketing company, is to create a comparison list. This can simply be a spreadsheet, or even just a sheet of paper that has fields and columns headed with the attributes that are important to you. If you draw up a shortlist of five marketing companies you are potentially interested in and then, from desk research, make a list of how each company compares. 

Some companies will have published prices on their website, or an indication of their prices, so this may be a starting point. You could then look at their testimonials or client experience to see if they have any names you recognise, or are active in your particular business sector. Doing this kind of research can give you good results and hone your choice, before you actually go on to make an enquiry.

Obviously, the size of the marketing company and their location may be an important consideration. Larger marketing firms will most probably come with higher price tags for their services - fine if you have those budgets, but if your budgets are small, then a smaller company may be appropriate for you. Whilst location can be important for some, it doesn't necessarily have to be a barrier to selecting a marketing company. With today's web based conferencing and Voip/ chat, you can actually get excellent marketing consultancy regardless of physical location.

As well as basic company information, you can also glean alot of information about the style of the marketing company you are researching, i.e. how they do business and their culture. It's a good idea to try to get a match for how you see your business style, so for example, if you are a young lively brand aiming at a young consumer focused audience, you may find a company with that style reflected in their own comm's.

Choosing and working with a new marketing company can be a daunting task, but with a little of the right research in the righ areas, it can result in a long-term, mutually rewarding business relationship that gets great results.

September 2014 Preparing for the Autumn Sales Rush
As well as being the time that leaves start falling, Autumn can be a brilliant time to run marketing campaigns and end the year with a real boost to your sales. The months of September through to November are a key period in any marketing calendar and if you are not currently geared up to start some proactive marketing initiatives, then it's never too late to develop a new strategy and get some new actions in place. 

Where to start? A good place is to work on your contacts, a process called segmentation, targeting and positioning. This could look like you going through your various databases, some may be on CRM, social media, email contacts etc. and separating out the priority customers on that list, or customers that have defined purchasing patterns or activity. Getting data in good order, so you know who is actually on your lists and why, is a way of giving any direct marketing activity a real boost as the next stage, targeting, becomes much easier. 

The fun side is now the HOW are we going to target our newly discovered segments of data? This is where priority comes in to play as we look at the most substantial audiences and those with the best potential for a good return on our marketing activity - for least cost.

It is usually true that it's far less cost to market to existing customers, so there is potentially a wealth of real potential on current or maybe slightly lapsed customers that can be re-invigorated by a well placed promotion, discount or even just a friendly, 'Hi there again' email.

Positioning, as the last part of the strategy, is just about how you differentiate your brand, trying to take an outside view of where you sit amongst the competition and what you could change to bring to the fore your unique features and benefits?

These simple steps get you to ask questions, and it doesn't take long before you are ready to develop the new marketing tools that will communicate with precision, the right messages tailored to your identified customer segments.

Autumn may be a time when lots of things start dropping off, your sales don't have to follow that pattern!
June 2014 Are you a typical Marketing Consultancy client?
Well in truth, there probably isn't a truly typical client, but when clients do approach us for help with their marketing, there are certain things they have in common that enable us to aggregate a general profile. One of the most common things we experience is clients getting in touch who are not quite sure what they are looking for, who know they need some kind of help, but are not sure if they have come to the right place!!

This can be very common, as with the very fragmented range of marketing tools available, business owners can be confused about exactly which direction to choose, what approach to take i.e. online, printed etc.. and how much financial resource to put on risk. 

We would always recommend any business owner to get in touch and have an initial conversation. That way we can often point enquirers in the righ direction, even if it's not something we can directly help with. There are many types of marketing company, each with their own particular blend of talent, experience and expertise, so it's about matching up with the consultant that feels right for your business.

If we were to profile a typical client, it would go something like this: 

- You are a business owner running a limited company
- You have been trading 2+ years or more
- Your business is successful but needs to get to the next level
- You are not at the point of wanting to employ a senior marketer
- You are keen to be successful and want progress
- You want good value and measurable results
- You only work with good people

That is not to say we don't work with companies outside this profile, or serious start-ups, of which we have a few significant ones on our books, it is more the drive behind an idea and the enthusiasm with which it is approached that gets us equally excited and motivated. 

If anything above vaguely sounds like you, and you want to run a few ideas by us, feel free to get in touch, ask for Phil.

April 2014 Getting more incoming leads for your business
Lead generation simply refers to you recieving a stream of incoming enquiries to your business, with the emphasis then being on you converting these prospects into profitable business. Every business should have a lead generation strategy to keep the sales pipeline full and avoid the 'leaky bucket' syndrome of clients leaving through the back door whilst you are trying to get the new ones. Many business owners simply get out of the habit of acquiring new business and seem to leave behind the new business disciplines that they used to build up their businesses in the first place. So what kind of marketing tools are specifically used to start a new incoming lead strategy? The late business guru Jim Rohn stated, 'sales is simply talking to lots of people every day, the good news...there are lots of people." 

This quote encapsulates the essential of new business lead generation - seeking out substantial numbers of the right kind of people and finding a media and message that they are receptive to. Telemarketing still offers one of the best ways of developing inbound leads, but it can be impractical for many business owners and their immediate staff due to existing commitments and lack of skill in that area. The good news is there are still many marketing tools that are equally if not more effective. These can be in the form of direct email or SMS marketing to a good database. If the list is right and the message and offer are relevant then a good yield of new business enquiries can be achieved for a low return on investment.

For some businesses, social media can be a rich source of new business leads, but a social strategy for lead generation needs to be a definite action as many B2B social channels simply don't have the necessary audience numbers or levels of engagement to adequately drive in new leads for the effort expended. SEO and PPC are also excellent for new leads enabling geo/ demographic targeting and measurable ROI, compared to traditional ad channels.

As a marketing consultancy, our role is often to review a client's existing new business strategy and then look at ways to increase actions for increased lead generation. Give us a call if you want to discuss ways to get more inbound leads into your own business!

March 2014 5 Quick tips for email campaign success
1, Subject line - try to look at the content of your emailer and get your subject line to match what you are putting across in the message, avoid hyperbole as it will divert the message straight to the junk file or ‘promotions’ tab if they use Gmail.

2, Keep to one offer - Many emails fail to deliver as they confuse the reader with too many competing offers or messages, or numerous links that take the reader away before they’ve even read your main message.

3, Care with images - With email, you only have a small window of opportunity to grab the attention. If the recipients email system just displays a blank box asking them to download the image, chances are they will just close the message. Use html text at the top half of the message so the recipient can see the offer. Also watch large or numerous images for triggering spam filters.

4, Simplicity is king - Nobody likes to waste time and energy trying to read through a load of blurb, so keep your copy sharp and to the point, highlight key benefits that your audience need to know and keep it relevant for better response. Also, consider what you are guiding your audience to do, i.e. click, phone, send an email and make that action clear.

5, When to send - Your window cleaner doesn’t collect his money at 10 o’clock on a Monday morning, similarly you need to put logic into deciding the best time to send your emailer. This will depend on whether your audience is business related or consumer. Generally if targeting businesses, then Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings are best, but always a good idea to throw in the odd experiment.

February 2014 Video Marketing for your business
Harnessing the power of video can give your business the edge and can bring products and services to life with the options of both music and voice-over for full effect. The other benefit of video marketing is the wide and growing number of channels available on which to share your important sales and marketing messages. A personal intro video on your website can get the audience to see and understand you as a person, which again can be difficult to get across on static web pages. For products and services where your audience don't necessarily absorb what your product is about, then a video can be used to impart step-by-step guides on subjects such as assembly instructions or other vital information. In a world where marketing is forced to work harder, video should be high on the list for marketers wanting to differentiate their brand. Want to know more about video marketing, contact Ashforth Marketing now on +44 1772 378 330 for more information. 

January 2014 Starting the year right, with a push on your marketing!
With an extended break over the festive season for many, now is the time to refocus on the year ahead and get in place the right strategy for growing your business and ensuring every month ahead includes some co-ordinated efforts to connect with both existing and potential customers. If your marketing lacks the necessary firepower and your knowledge of the latest technology and channels available is limited, then we are hear to help in 2014!

At Ashforth we are looking for motivated business owners who don't want to settle for mediocrity and second best. Our typical clients are people who strive for progression and have a natural enthusiasm for experiencing the 'winning' moments that only acheiving in business provides. During this year Ashforth's low cost marketing packages will be giving more business owners the opportunity to benefit from the very best marketing knowledge, experience and our network of established service providers in virtually any marketing discipline. It starts here and the sooner the better, call Phil on 0791 395 7160 to get started and for pricing info.

December 2013 Season's Greetings, now plan for 2014!
On behalf of Ashforth, and our associates, we would like to thank clients old and new for their valued business and we are now looking forward to making even more progress on everybody's behalf during 2014, which is also Ashforth's tenth year of trading. If you are a company not quite at the point of employing a full, or even part time marketing person, then we can offer you a low cost resource of expertise and knowledge that backs your business up 100% -  full availability of contact, full attention to detail and proven expertise in ALL marketing disciplines. Wishing all a relaxing Xmas break and a very happy and prosperous New Year!

October 2013 Where do you start in finding the right marketing database?
As any good marketing consultant will tell you, your direct marketing is only really as good as the relevance of the list you are using to send out to. If you have a good database of contacts, in the right segments you have identified as being valid and hungry for your offer, you have a good starting point. But where do you start if you do not possess such a list in the first place and you are like the many thousands of businesses faced with purchasing data from a potentially unknown or unproven source? Nobody likes to waste money on rubbish data, so it can prove to be a good use of your time and energy to do the right research. If you are shopping around, firstly check if the business you are dealing with is a list owner, or a broker. There are actually only a few true list owners and this can reduce your search alot. That is not to say dealing with a list broker or reseller is a bad thing, but the list owner can usually give you more specific information on the potential database and should also be able to demonstrate track record and credibility. Always ask for a sample of the data, most will provide this so you can see a snippet, visit websites etc.. and make sure it all checks out. As a marketing company involved in many types of direct marketing campaigns, we understand that sometimes you just want to get started with your own database, by asking staff, salespeople, account handlers etc. to pool the contacts they have into a decent database. This can be very successful as many of the contacts derived in this way will be people who know and trust you, so you have overcome a big hurdle that is apparant in any purchased database. If you do take the trouble to harvest all your own historical emails and pool them into a database, you will find that a list derived in this way will give you higher open and click through rates, (for email) than purchased data, albeit you may have a smaller prospect database to work with. If you do decide to purchase a list, shop around and buy a smaller number to begin with, test it and if it all still looks ok, then you can make a bigger order next time. Also ask if the list vendor will refund you for bounced emails from their list, many will do. At a time when it is very likely that posting a letter will be even more expensive, it can pay to get a decent list and start emailing and calling prospects and the database quality and relevance is where it starts for this to be successful. 

October 2013 Which Marketing Company is right for your business?
Choosing a marketing company can be a difficult choice as these days the market has been fragmented into many marketing disciplines. When faced with choosing between a digital marketing company or a traditional marketing consultancy, many business owners are rightly confused as to which company is best suited to their specific needs. As marketing has become much more of a technical battleground, it is true to say for most companies, their offer will be more geared to online specialisms. This has been compounded by the explosion of social media and so lining up with the right marketing company offering the mix of services you need can be a daunting prospect. Any business owner who struggles to deal with integrating their marketing across channels is not alone. Many business to business companies still have a less than strong grip of social media, reflected in the very low levels of engagement they have across the main social platforms. Getting the right advice from the right marketing partner can be an important step in developing a true integrated marketing presence. This choice can be made easier by simply reviewing each marketing company for its specific industry experience, and the specific results they can demonstrate towards clients you can easily compare to your own situation. A harmonious relationship between client and marketing company can bear extremely profitable results, so it is worth taking the time, when you do review, to do your homework and look at it for the long term.

September 2013 Setting the right price
Pricing, as one of the fundamentals of marketing, can be pivotal in making or breaking a business model. Although pricing as a subject can be complex, most business people will agree with the need to make a decent profit on a sale, as well as being seen to be competitive in their market place. Pricing and branding are linked very closely, as customers will pay a premium for what they see as value in associating with the brand that has both prestige and endorsement. So how do you go about selling at a better price without alienating current demand, or being seen simply as more expensive? It helps to look at pricing from the perspective of value, i.e. what tangible advantage or benefit does my customer get from me that my competitors are not providing? I recently read about a New York hairdresser who charges 1200 dollars for a mens cut, (and he has plenty of takers) His argument was that he granted his exclusive time with the client, that he offered a hairdressing experience and this included some coaching and massage in the package. This may be an extreme example, and some markets are definitely very price sensitive. But for service based sectors the opportunity is there to differentiate on service, experience and quality and package this at a premium price. For product pricing, it is about regularly reviewing product categories and driving hard for the best deals when purchasing. Also having the ability to be strategic, i.e. looking for exclusivity in sourcing so you can demand higher prices whilst you have the advantage. Pricing is rightfully one of the essential 'P's of marketing so it can pay to give it the attention it deserves alongside your other marketing initiatives.  

August 2013 Locating the right buyers for your products and services
For many businesses, it is never as straightforward as just being able to buy a database and set off sending direct mail to it. Often the target audience can be obscure and may have a wide variety of job titles, all of which may be the right person to make a decision. There are not many data vendors who can tailor lists of contacts to specialist niche business areas, leaving lead generation to be a bit hit and miss, and a frustrating pursuit for many businesses. The simplest way to tackle this situation is by effectively batching your database into small segments, and doing the legwork to investigate the right decision maker and to qualify the lead. Data can be segmented into a variety of criteria, matched to the profile you have of your ideal client. This may involve location, i.e. within a certain geographic area; business activity; size of business; structure of business etc. Once you have a profile, you can then make the approach to these smaller segments either by email, phone or letter. It may seem labour intensive, but if this is repeated regularly, it is surprising just how many contacts you can make in a short space of time. Prospects will appreciate the fact you have given their business more than just a cusory glance and therefore marketing in this way can give a  far better yield than mass mailing a bog standard database. Add to this the fact you will gain the correct email address, contact name and job title of your prospect, going in small can have big benefits! 

June 2013 Finding the right Marketing Consultant
Finding the right marketing consultant for your requirements can appear to be complex, but when you take time to look at your objectives it can make the process easier. This can mean, for example, looking into each marketing consultant's relevant sector experience and seeing if that includes experience matching or being near to your own particular sector. A marketing consultant should be able to show you what they did, what it achieved and over what time period their involvement took place. Depending on the size of your requirement, in terms of likely man hours, it may determine whether you are looking at a smaller marketing consultancy firm, or one with several marketing consultants as part of their team. Another important element is the type of services offered and if they appear to cover the sort of marketing requirement you have now and are likely to have in the future. scalability means choosing a marketing company that can grow with your businesses own expansion and keep up with the increase in demand both quantitively and maintaining quality. Some marketing consultants focus more on traditional marketing and are more strategic and planning based, whereas others will be more practical and have a hands-on approach. At Ashforth, we have given a good insight into all of these elements so that if you are looking for a marketing consultant you are hopefully well informed of our offer and services in advance. We are more than happy to spend some time chatting over your buisness goals ahead of any agreement being in place, call us any time on 01772 378 330.  

May 2013 Small business marketing - Taking the first steps to get out there and get noticed.
Small business marketing can be difficult as with limited time and budget there is often fear associated with taking the necessary steps, primarily the fear of losing hard earned money on something that doesn't work. But if you don't get out there and start marketing, it is equally difficult to feel in a dead end of no new leads and a barren new business pipeline. Much of the fear of starting a new marketing initiative often comes from previous bad experiences where alot of money has been invested in one approach or another, only to have been met with an epic fail, in terms of the response either promised or expected. The solution comes in two parts. 1, you have to get the courage to get out there and try new approaches. 2, you need to limit your exposure by testing the new initiative before fully committing a higher spend. Think about it, the big supermarkets do not roll out a new product across their whole network, they will often test an approach carefully in only one, or a small cluster of stores for a given time and then measure the results carefully. Only then will they decide if the new product has any legs, or if it needs to go into the bargain bin and never seen again. Small business marketing should rely on a  similar approach, so take only one or two ideas and then work out a smaller scale test. Ensure that if you are testing that the job is done properly, i.e. focus on a clear quality message and apply good design and write out benefits that customers will be most interested in. With online media, small business marketing can be easier to manage as the results can be viewed in real-time, so you can get an earlier indication of an approach is working or not. If it's not working, then move onto something else, success often comes only when a decent amount of experimentation has taken place. The most important thing is that as a small business, you do not fall into the grip of complacency. The rewards of a successful marketing approach will be secure leads and a good return on investment, which means you can then afford to fund even braver marketing experimentation. Article by Ashforth, marketing company UK.

May 2013 New: Low cost marketing packages for new businesses and smaller SME's
As a reminder to any business owner reading, it costs nothing to have an initial conversation and we may, in that brief discussion alone, discover some exciting possibilities for marketing your business, whether or not you decide to go on and appoint us. At Ashforth there is no hard sell as we are interested in finding the right partnerships based on matching your needs with what we can provide. If for whatever reason that is not us, then we can always provide routes for you to get the advice and help you require. Need pricing? don't hesitate to ask, we can design a package that is right for your budget and where you are in the stages of your business, and all packages are without risk, tie-ins or contracts. We keep it simple and your business benefits from the best marketing available. Call 0791 395 7160 and ask for Phil.   

April 2013 Delivering the power from your existing contact databases.
It's surprising how many different facets of a business can colllect data, but often the value of what is being held, from a marketing point of view, is either ignored completely or simply overlooked. Sales people, receptionists, customer service staff, technicians, admin, can all take data that if collated and used, would add to being a formidable addition to a wide range of marketing tools. Many see the task of getting this data organised as too large, too complex or too time consuming and whilst this can be true, once completed, (or even part completed) it can be very rewarding to be sending out campaigns to a much more receptive audience. i.e. people who know, like and trust you. Start with the basics, so this could be getting email addresses and sending out a message to re-opt them in. Ask the various people who have data to get you email addresses and add to a tabbed Excel file. You can then upload this to an email platform, such as Mailchimp and start deriving benefits and sales immediately. With client's address details, you could then segment the best of these for a posted campaign, it may be as simple as a letter reminding them about your services, reminding them how you value their custom etc.. There is no doubting that most companies own an asset that is usually under-utilised, and the data you collect every day without even thinking about it, can be turned in to a very powerful addition to your marketing armoury.  

March 2013 Getting the most from Google Enhanced Campaigns
Basically in Google Adwords, this allows you to set the amount you want to bid for clicks from devices, locations and times of the day, as a percentage of your default bid amount. It means that if you are noticing that most of your clicks are coming through on a Wednesday at 3.00-4.00, then you can adjust your bid to get a higher ranking at that time of day and maximise the number of clicks you receive. Similarly, you may want to reduce your bid for certain locations, at certain times of day on certain devices, so you could take down a bid a few percent for a smartphone user in London after 3.00pm! The aim of enhanced campaigns is to enable the advertiser to tailor campaigns to actual behaviour of their target audiences and the plethora of devices now being used to view online content. It should ultimately mean leaner campaigns that match their best possible chance of success. 

February 2013 Build up your lead generation activities.
One of our main remits on behalf of clients is to implement strategies and tactics for effective and sustainable lead generation. A good lead into your business should be one that has not been too expensive to acquire, should be within the profile you have set for the type of customer you want to attract, and should be one that, if converted, you can easily service profitably. 

Setting up a lead generation strategy will almost certainly involve you in some new actions, some business owners can find this aspect difficult, i.e. identifying exactly what to do, and importantly, how to go about doing it, although most will realise when new enquiries into their business would be welcome and something they need to attend to.

Getting a good profile on the type and number of leads you require can be a good way of informing the next decisions on actions. Once the initial work is done on the segmenting and targeting areas, then it is a case of matching the best marketing tools to these objectives. Tools that are typically used for direct lead generation, can include one, or a combination of Advertising, Direct Marketing, Pay Per Click, Telemarketing, Emailing and Events. These are the most commonly used for new business, and the mehods most often advised by a marketing company.

New business opportunities can also be farmed from existing customers of the business, and it is often for much less cost than converting new customers. This is when good rapport with your exsting customer base can lead to the passing of new business in the form of referrals, or simply them uptaking more of your available products and services - through you finding mechanisms to inform them these do exist!

It is early in the year when new business should be most actively sought, if you need help implemeting new lead generation approaches into your business give us a call on 01772 378 330 or 0791 395 7160 now, ask for Phil. 

January 2013 Choose the Marketing services you need, pay monthly or by the project
If you are looking at sourcing quality help with your marketing, either as a one-off project or on an ongoing basis, our aim is to satisfy either kind of requirement. The benefits of having a marketing consultant for ongoing work is that as the relationship goes on, it is very often the case that results can be much better, as we get to know you and your business and our marketing approaches harmonise with your business style. Many of our clients treat us as an extension of their own team and we form relationships with a wider range of their team members as the trust develops and we are invited to have a higher level of involvement.

The other way to use our marketing company services, is simply on a pay-as-you-go basis for specific projects, so this may be to commission a new website, or a corporate brochure, or for assistance with implementing an SEO or pay per click project. Paying project by project makes it easy to monitor exact spend over activity and we can quote up-front for any requirement.

Our main aim is to work with a small range of clients and we understand that for many clients, choosing a marketing partner can be a difficult choice. We want to negate risks and make it easy for any business to access highest quality marketing. We don't have a 'typical' client and we choose to work with potential clients by mutual agreement, if we feel we can add value to their aims and objectives. 

If you are shopping around for a trusted marketing company, take the time to see if we sound right for you, then call me, Phil, any time on 0791 395 7160 and we can discuss further.  

January 2013 Happy New Year
Wishing all clients, associates and friends a successful, profitable and most of all happy year ahead. Marketing is changing fast, now is a good time to clean out the closet and start to remove things that are clutter and not working, and try some new approaches. This may be simply getting a new pad and writing some ideas down, it doesn't have to be much more. Think about the things you want to happen for the year ahead. This may be in the type of business you would rather be doing, how much you want to earn, and the types of people you want to spend your working life amongst! Write down a few ideas and take actions on the ones that feel the best and keep it going. Formula for a great year I think :-)

December 2012, Season's Greetings From your friendly Marketing Company
While many business owners may not be feeling the full flow of Christmas cheer, it's worth remembering that whatever happens in business is an opportunity to learn from. It is sometimes only when you look back, that you can see how apparent adversity or failure actually led to a much better opportunity arising. One freedom that is reserved for anybody, in life or in business, is the freedom to choose the thoughts we think on any given situation. It can take time to master this, but if you can start to shape your thoughts towards positive elements in any experience, (especially in the not so good ones!) then very often fast improvements can begin to be noticed. As author and speaker Wayne Dyer states, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". If this discipline is learned and practised, then the results can be significant and extremely positive. 

Good marketing can revitalise a brand and create sales and profits, but marketing that is augmented with the power of self-belief, purpose and positive expectation is on a whole different level - and much easier to manage. Wishing past clients, current clients, not yet clients and anybody else finding these pages a happy festive season and a very successful and properous 2013. Article by Ashforth Marketing Consultancy UK.

October 2012, Why it pays to get tidy with Adwords...
Anybody running Adwords in a campaign over and above the £50 trial will soon become aware of how a campaign can quickly grow so you can potentially have a wide range of campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. The Google Quality Score of the ads is based on keyword relevance to the ad content, and further relevance of this to the landing page experience. As a low Quality Score can mean you pay more for the click it makes common sense to get the score higher and this leads to more impressions of the ad, higher ranking on the display list of ads and lower cost when clicked compared to competitors. One of the most common problems in Adword campaigns is having too wider range of keywords for the ads they are leading to. As you get more keywords, relevance will inevitably stray away from the ad wording itself and from keywords used on the landing page copy. The solution is to get your adword campaigns organised a little better. So this can mean creating new ad groups where you can then focus fewer keywords to each ad, increasing relevance and therefore better Quality Score. For major categories, create new campaigns where global settings can be tailored to the subject and again this will lead to less dilution than trying to achieve everything under a single campaign. Essentially, organising your adwords campaigns is very much like how you would organise your music collection. So you wouldn't have a whole bunch of tracks in a homogenous mess, you would sort by genre, album, artist or track. Getting things organised in Adwords can be a great benefit leading to lower cost campaigns and a much healthier ROI.

September 2012, Business need a lift?
Are you looking for new and innovative ways to market your business? In September we are looking to work with highly motivated clients who know that they need help in marketing, but also know they have a great product or service to tell the world about. If you want to talk to a senior marketer about your sales and marketing and prefer a lower cost alternative to employing a marketing manager or sales director, just call and let's have an initial chat, free, relaxed and informative, call me, Phil, Ashforth Marketing Consultants, on 0791 395 7160 any time.  

August 2012, Give your business a gold medal.
If the recent stunning Olympic performances have taught us anything, it’s that with great effort and belief virtually anything is possible. So now is the time to take that inspiration whilst it’s still fresh and get it working in your business -  and what better place to start than with brushing up on customer service. It simply means dealing with all customer requests quickly, accurately and with a smile. Yes it was the Olympic volunteers and staff that by all accounts were the real stars of London 2012 and left a lasting impression, so putting effort into customer service is well worth the effort.

July 2012, Turning Negative into a Positive.
Running a good Adword campaign can be a great way of appearing at the top, (or side) of Google search queries, augmenting the natural SEO you do on your website. What so many Adword newbies, and even larger companies miss out on is the need to refine the campaign to stop your ads showing for searches that lead to clicks, but have very little chance of turning into a sale or new enquiry.

Taking my own marketing company Adwords campaign as an example, many students are looking for marketing placements in the summer and will search terms like 'marketing company placements'. Without designating the keyword 'placement' as a negative keyword, my ad will show and is likely to be clicked. Unless I am actively wanting to promote placements for students, I will pay somewhere between £1 and £2 per click for a search query that is not going to lead to a new enquiry of the right kind, so it's essentially money for Google for an irrelevant keyword. Multiply this to larger organisations spending thousands a month on Adwords, the money wasted can be enormous, probably into several million pounds a year when multiplied across the UK.

The answer is to use negative keywords in your campaign and review actual search terms used to find your ads regularly. This simply means your ads won't appear for terms that DON'T sell! If you are interested in finding out more about Adwords, drop me a line.
June 2012, Give your Marketing a fresh pair of eyes...
If you have an existing marketing tool that you feel could use a second opinion, then send it over for a Professional Marketing Review, Cost for this service is only £75GBP payable in advance. We will report back within 24 hours with our suggestions and ideas for improvement. You can then take this away and apply some or all of the suggestions.

This applies to any single website, brochure, mailer, advert. Offer applies per single marketing item. You can either send via email (see contact page) or by post (also on contact page). Payment by either Bacs transfer, Cheque (Upon cleared funds) or Paypal. The service can also be great if you have an item pre-production that you want an opinion on. Having a second opinion can save you money, hone your resources and avoid the many pitfalls that can be costly and time consuming to remedy, Invest in getting it right first (or second) time!  

June 2012, Simply common sense marketing!
At Ashforth, as a marketing company, we are challenged with marketing both very new and very established businesses and covering a wide range of market sectors. The common factor in virtually all marketing is to understand quite simply, who will buy my product or service? It's a fundamental question but it really does dictate most of the marketing tools and how we will begin to write sales copy etc. to put your product in front of customers and allow them to buy. Common sense marketing is about you looking at your business through fresh eyes and figuring out how you can get the best results with least expenditure of time, money and physical effort. In other words, PROFIT. It's not that you shouldn't put in 110% effort and commitment, but that you should be aware of when you are being efficient, and when you are putting too much into the wrong things, before it goes on too long. 

Another great way to develop better marketing tools is to borrow a few indicators from the human physical senses. So our audience can either hear, see, touch, smell or 'feel' our marketing messages. (There aren't many other human ways to receive marketing) So effective marketing will be enjoyable to the senses in general, a little like art, that is generally pleasing to the eye and harmonious, whether it's intended for you or not.

Marketing, after all is a natural phenomenon, as demonstrated in the many visual and audible communications occuring in nature (particularly in mating rituals and camouflage) - (de-marketing!) one way of looking at keeping things simple is to remember 'only humans make marketing complicated' - this refers to our ability to sometimes make connecting with our intended audience something more difficult than it should be.

Enjoy getting back to basics, trying new approaches and making the occasional mistake, that's after all, how you make the real progress! Take away the fear of failure and remember not to overlook the obvious, sometimes it's staring you in the face!    

May 2012, Face up to your marketing challenges with a Marketing Health Check!
With new business high on the agenda for many business owners, it is vital that all your marketing is working as hard as it can and delivering in regular new business opportunities.

As a Marketing company, we can look at both existing marketing and discuss new ideas to kick start your marketing into 2012 and beyond. It is often the case that we can both increase revenues and enquiries, AND lower costs substantially, as we look to cut out the bits that are not working and accelerate the things that are. So call now and ask for a Marketing Health Check, put the smile back on the face of your marketing. 

May 2012, Drive your Marketing costs down, but don't stop!
With the pressure on your business to perform financially in tough markets, it can be tempting to cut your marketing budget and cease all activity, weather the storm and start again when things get better. But wouldn't it make more sense to cut marketing costs and still maintain a decent ongoing presence? The good news is there have never been more low cost marketing tools than there are right now, many applications and methods of building a client network exist that are virtually free or low cost. 

Examples abound on the web, of triumphs in marketing that have been achieved with low budgets, where innovative thinking and methodology have been accurrately matched to a defined target audience and marketing has been highly efficient with very little waste of effort and financial resources. It can be a good idea to search out some of these stories on Google, many centre around the use of social media such as Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and Twitter. the key is engagement, which involves more time developing relevant content to your specific audiences.

The other key area of cost saving is to review what is working and divert your financial resources towards these areas. Typically this might be observing how many leads you are receiving from your attendance at events against those from say, online advertising spend? Making a list of the best performing marketing actions can mean you can cease some of the non-profit making stuff to concentrate on what IS working, as Alan Sugar would say; 'smelling what is selling'.

As a marketing company, our aim is to develop the best marketing strategies and tools for your available budget, so that you are getting positive feedback from these activities and they are constantly feeding back into the next cycle of our marketing plans. Marketing Consultancy can often be viewed as expensive or a luxury for when times are good, but if you are working with the right company, the return on investment and value created by the relationship should make the case for using an expert a very strong one.

Does your marketing need to perform better? Give me a call right now. Phil, 0791 395 7160   

April 2012, Spring Marketing Focus, Targeting with ABS = Always Be Selling.
This month we are looking at ways to develop effective targeting, this is what prevents you wasting your time and energy going after the wrong prospects. So how can you start to profile your audience? One of the first things is to look at where your prospects are located, it makes sense in most cases to target your new customers closer to home as then you can benefit from lower travel costs and better communications. Many customers appreciate regular contact and it does you no harm to show your face - and it's something your competitors probably are not doing.

After location, you might consider the size of business and the level of contact within that business that is right for you. In many cases, when you are selling a more complex product, you cannot easily identify a set list of job titles, as decisions can come from many different people. Some of these may be decision makers, able to assign budget and place an order, others may influence the decision. If you are in this situation, then your targetting will be very specific and it will probably involve telephone calls to get the right person, and to then slowly build up a prospect list.

'Always Be Selling' refers to how your targeting should be matched with regular sales actions. This means being alert to all potential avenues for new business, whenever and however they appear. And being in a position to pounce on them when they come along. Targeting can be a complex area of marketing, but it really means getting a good match between what you sell and who you think will buy most, then doing your selling bit.   

March 2012, Business time of the year for more sales leads?
It’s the time of year when football pundits describe the Premiership as entering ‘the business end of the season’, and for your business it’s also the time of year for getting a good start for lead generation to set you up for the rest of the year and see you through the summer months. Incoming leads, or sales enquiries into your business can be a habit you get out of when you are busy and it seems that there is plenty of business coming in anyway, but it’s a good discipline to get some actions going on in this area no matter how busy you appear to be now.

If you have not tackled this for a while, it’s easier to start with warmer contacts, before getting on to the more difficult cold prospecting. This may be in the form of a simple sales letter to existing customers, or starting on a ring-round on the phone. It is surprising how effective a simple phone call can be to stimulate new orders. Simply state you are keeping in touch and ask is there anything your customer requires at the moment from you?

When sending out letters or direct mail, always ensure a follow up by phone, it can massively increase the conversion rate. Rather than email, try posting letters. In the huge amount of email traffic customers receive, emails can be lost or forgotten. A posted letter with a personal touch can make a much greater impact, albeit it may be a little more expensive, but worth it if you convert to more orders.

If you want to discuss developing effective, low cost lead generation strategies for your business, call me, Phil, Ashforth Marketing Company, on 0791 395 7160 any time, or chat through the ‘livechat’ on this website.

February 2012, Time for a Spring Marketing Pit Stop
Whether the website is looking a bit tired, or not getting the traffic and conversions it used to, or maybe for other areas of your marketing, it is good sometimes to take a look at some of your marketing strategies and review their effectiveness. Not every business has the issue of new business and lead generation, many clients we talk to have very established client relationships and if anything, are struggling to keep up with levels of demand. Even so this may be a time to look at business modelling, to assess whether what you are doing is profitable for the amount of time, hassle and finance involved to keep juggling all the balls.

Many business owners get into that place where the business feels like it's running them and not the other way round leading to stress or, at the very least, just not enjoying running the company any more. So there are many aspects of business that can be looked at at this time of year. Marketing Consultancy can be a way of keeping focused and on track, it's quite different from consultancy but can work well for time-poor business owners wanting help in defining business goals and which strategies to follow on an ongoing basis, give us a shout if you want to discuss further. 

February 2012, Give your brand some love this Valentine's!
It's that time of year again and already, every conceivable supermarket point of sale dispenser is groaning with red love heart cards, flowers and all manner of gifts for our other halve's, but when was the last time you looked at giving your brand the TLC it deserves? Branding, as any marketing company will tell you, is far more than the graphic design of your logo, it really is many aspects of your business, which when all put together, form a strong association. Every company has a brand, like a fingerprint, every brand is unique, even companies that claim not to have a brand, in effect have one by this very positioning. Problems often happen with brands when a business changes over time, and strategic drift means the brand message becomes unclear to its target audience - It might even mean that the style of the visual elements of the brand are dated or irrelevant. Giving your business a spring clean up can re-invigorate the enthusiasm of your whole team, and bring back the spark you once felt when your business was new and exciting. This might be looking at your marketing as a whole, or just singling out the areas that have gone a little astray. Love is in the air so you may as well spend a little on your branding this Spring.

February 2012, Welcome new visitors!Hello and Welcome to Ashforth Marketing Consultancy
If you are visiting for the first time and you have made it through to this page then welcome to Ashforth. We are a marketing company working personally with a wide range of clients and on some stand alone projects that run alongside our marketing consultancy. Our aim is to help business owners tap into ways to increase sales and to reach the goals that made them set up in business in the first place!

Marketing, especially online marketing can be time consuming for business owners to fully harness, and now social media is compounding the knowledge shortfall that many business owners feel. Just keeping up with Google algorithms and Facebook and Twitter technical updates could easily be a full time job for any business owner, yet few have the time to exploit these mediums to their full potential.

As we have been using web based marketing from the very beginning, at Ashforth we can help your business get an essential foothold and turn a web presence into something far better - a website that actually works as hard as a good salesperson, creating rapport and trust with your customers and being a good source of incoming leads and orders.

If it's time in 2012 for a fresh look at your online marketing, from a trusted marketing company, give me a call, Phil Ashforth on 01772 378 330. 

December 2011, Kick start your marketing for 2012 with a strategic Review!Marketing Consultant Strategy
In the fast changing business environment, it's necessary to check that the strategy adopted a year or more ago is still looking good and serving your aspirations as it should. A strategic review doesn't have to mean a long winded process and huge written report, it's more about just checking where you are up to and that strategic drift hasn't set in in one or several areas of your operation. It may also be a good time at the start of the year to look at trends in the industry and select products and services that are likely to peak in demand, so targeting your financial and time resources around these. Effective marketing is downstream marketing, it should never feel too much like pushing against the flow, if it really feels like hard work winning new clients and getting sales, then a review of strategy and tactics is probably overdue. The good news is it's never too late to set off in a new direction, one that feels good and that is in line with what you really want for your business, and more importantly being something you personally find rewarding and enjoy doing.

November 2011, Using Search Engine Optimisation to generate leads!
Effective Search Engine Optimisation takes time and for it to work effectively, it is a good strategy to make the updates and additions to your website on a regular basis. One of the many questions we are asked about is the weighting of backlinks against on-site SEO. In our experience the on-site SEO still has the upper hand, albeit good inbound links are certainly a valuable asset in achieving good ranking. Our Ashforth website, (the one you are now on) is currently ranked #5 worldwide, ( for term 'marketing consultants uk' and similarly for the singular varient, 'marketing consultant uk' Most of that work has been on-site and as it's a relatively new site, the inbound links don't really play much of a part in that.

It is the aim of many businesses to achieve a high ranking on search engines, but it is often better to be honest about the channels that deliver most of your high value incoming business, as they are not always from the web. Therefore, time can sometimes be better spent on developing other marketing initiatives to work alongside your website. Call 01772 378 330 if you would like to discuss your own website or business development needs.

October 2011, Ashforth is Seven!
Starting in 2004 as a business and life coaching company, Synergy Coaching Ltd, (Ashforth's parent co) has provided a number of services over the years as we tried to explore niches for the business. We even provided corporate massage therapy for a while for PC World Business and others! and later diversified into signage under the Ashforth brand for a couple of years. That all started in 2004, and although Ashforth was a company relatively quiet during the time our design agency, Apple Creative Design was in business, the company found its place as a marketing consultancy and is now working with many business owners from all kinds of business sectors and we are very much going from strength to strength. Thanks to all our valued clients, creative and web partners, we look forward to providing an ever growing range of services in the future.

September 2011, Is Web Video the future for Effective Marketing?
With the ability to broadcast a web segment to so many channels globally, why are businesses still not harnessing the huge pulling power of video? Probably the main reason is the belief that it is expensive and clients find it hard to see how they could make a half decent video that anybody would want to actually watch!

Yet video can drive traffic and be an SEO source that gets ranking in a relatively unchallenged media. Google and Youtube will rank video content and there are many opportunities to tag content to show it in other social media channels, all from a sole distribution source, for example see (Not an affiliate link). So if making a short video does have an appeal to you, think about what you could do, here's a few ideas, (1) launch a new product or service (2) Demo something, i.e. setting up a piece of equipment (3) Welcome viewers to your company website (4) Promote a new article etc... Most importantly, don't be too worried about getting it absolutely right, the more you use video, the better you will get and there are lots of people around, (me included) to assist you. Get in touch if you're thinking about video and we'll help you get started.

September 2011, September Already!
This month we are developing further work into social media for a range of clients and getting involved in some new business sectors, adding to the breadth of our experience and opening up some very exciting business opportunities. Marketing Consultancy is sometimes about hard work and getting your hands dirty, other times it is deeply strategic and is alot more about thinking rather than doing. The current work on which we are engaged is giving us plenty of scope to use all our marketing and creative skills and we are getting great results and pushing clients forward relentlessly. It is also refreshing to be combining both consumer and B2B marketing projects. Despite gloomy economic news in the press re. 'two dip recession', on the contrary, many business ARE experiencing growth and new orders, and it is vital that every business owner ignores the media and looks after their own game. At Ashforth, we only deal in positive marketing and we see great results happening every day. 

We recently undertook a contract to sell advertising space for the Local Council's Autumn Newspaper, which was a great experience, it is so good to get back into doing some direct sales and sharpening the old sales skills! pleased to report all the space available was sold (most within just 1 week) and we have some really nice ads going in. So with Ashforth, we CAN walk the walk, aswell as simply talking marketing ;-)

Make your September in 2011 a brilliant month. Wishing you every success, Phil, Ashforth Marketing Company.

Ps Follow our social links: Facebook is (click LIKE!) and Twitter page is see you there 

August 2011, Marketing consultancy for summer New Business!
Get more ideas for your marketing with marketing consultancy from Ashforth. At this time of year many businesses face a slowdown in leads coming into the business and are wanting new ideas to get the pipeline of enquiries back up to full strength. That’s where a marketing consultant can really help you as we can give you many more ideas and suggest lead generation channels you probably haven’t considered before. If you want to have an initial chat, there is no charge and you may be surprised with what is possible, and the easy return on investment we can achieve.

August 2011 – Cloud Marketing to leverage your brand
Cloud Marketing - what can you do to market your business more effectively utilising cloud technologies and social media? If you have a business and you want to create awareness using social media, then cloud marketing refers to a new way of integrating your marketing to these technologies, so that your customers can see and engage with your presence across multiple networks and platforms. Combine this with printed media and regular cross-referencing, then the end result can be powerful marketing channels and a ready stream of leads and new enquiries. Ultimately, long term relationships across all your brand’s access points are the ideal end goal. Ask us how we can help.

July 2011, Welcome to our new marketing consultants website.
Thanks for visiting our new site, we will be updating the news section regularly and writing articles to give you ideas for marketing your business. If you are looking for a new website for your own business or there are any other services you may require, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

July 2011, Refer a client, earn a reward
Just to remind you we are keen to hear from new businesses who want to improve their marketing and we are offering £50 of M&S Vouchers for new referral, paid to you when your contact starts with us as a new client. This is unlimited so the more you refer, the more you can earn. Simply use our contact form to send in the details of your referral and we will do the rest.

July 2011, Marketing Workshops launched
Ashforth Marketing workshops have the benefit of focusing marketing ideas and strategies to small groups, sales teams or those with marketing responsibility in your business. Ashforth run workshops for up to 10 employees or we can run one to one sessions with directors, to cover any aspect of marketing and sales development required. If you would like to discuss your requirements, call Phil on 01772 378 330 for further information.

July 2011, Be a Ashforth Partner
At Ashforth, we partner with a range of high quality suppliers across many disciplines, and we are always on the look out for further partners, committed to providing the highest levels of service and client care. If your specialism is marketing consultancy, creative design, printing, programming, illustration, video, media or you have another service that you think may benefit us, get in touch and send in your details using the enquiry form on our website.

July 2011, Follow us on Facebook
You can follow us at if you would like to develop a custom fan page for your business or organisation, or want PPC advertising of Facebook, then call the office for more information. We believe that Social Marketing is still in its infancy for business to business brands and yet it can be a great way of transmitting news, offers and events, without the formality or expense of a creative email campaign.