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Overcoming Objections Towards More Sales!

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In this article, we are focusing on how to overcome objections from prospects and we will be sharing some great ideas on how you can make far more sales to really maximise the new business appointments you go on.

One reason many businesses don't capitalise on all their opportunities, is when it comes to handling the objections and stalls from sales prospects. You probably know the ones, "let me think about it," "our budget is spent," "I need to get some other quotes in." "get back to me in 3 weeks." there are many more.

Part of the skill in dealing with objections and stalls is to get to know the prospect's REAL reason for objecting or stalling, the real reason is usually fairly easy to get to with good listening and a little gentle questioning around the objection stated.

Key ways to get past objections to get the sale are as follows:

1. Before the meeting, consider what objections might be raised and try to include the answers in your presentation, so the prospect will have the answers, leaving less room for real objections

2. Qualify the prospect is the decision maker before the meeting, ask if you need to have other people involved in the decision to attend the meeting.

3. Listen carefully to the objection being raised, ask yourself, does this sound like it's the real reason, do I need to ask further?

4. Check to see if it is the only objection, or are there other factors preventing a decision?

5. Be properly prepared, know your product, comparisons, prices, testimonials at the ready, so you can bring them out in an instant to get past most types of objection.

6. If a decision cannot be made now, ask: when?, then: Why then? If you know the answer to this, it may be something you can do something about.

7. When you have answered an objection, get the yes, i.e. "so if we can get this delivered three days earlier than we previously stated, will you....Sale!

Most objections are really a request for more information, a need to have a greater confidence in you or your organisation, skilled sales people welcome objections because they are often a buying signal in disguise. Once you have identified the real reason preventing a sale, and blown it away, you will normally go on to be successful.

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