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Telemarketing - Top 5 Tips for Converting Sales

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1. Data is everything, make sure that your data is as good as it can be, don't work on too large a number of contacts at any time, I have found the optimal number of contacts to be in the three to four hundred mark. If your list is too big it can be counter-productive as there is very little chance of creating any rapport with contacts you hardly talk to one month to the other, as you are stacked out with too many other calls to make. If you can get a rapport with potential customers, this will lead to you first being liked, second trusted and next, someone they will do business with.

2. Recognise a buying signal when you hear one. What is a buying signal? A buying signal is usually a comment or a question that indicates interest on behalf of the prospect, i.e. "Do you deliver on a Friday?" Is a great buying signal and easy to deal with when you say, "Yes we do, are you looking for delivery this Friday? So your prospect says yes and you say "Ok, how many can I put you down for?" simple! Buying signals are the currency of great conversions, listen for interest, comments, questions, even humour and you have a buying signal, a hook you can use to hang your offer on to!

3. Be yourself, be friendly - You will convert far more appointments and sales on the phone if you can get into a zone of relaxing whilst you are calling, I don't mean falling asleep on the phone, but just get in a place where you let your delivery flow, you listen carefully and you are in a state of positive expectation. If you can do this, then you will see the results flow towards you as well and it can feel quite effortless, like watching a football team doing those holay passes when three goals up in the last five minutes. Get in that place where you are relaxed and feel easy and the results will follow in the same way - like attracts like!

4. Feel the need for speed. When you are working on the phone you are making promises constantly, you promise to send emails, promise to call back, promise your information is correct, promise you'll be back tomorrow at 9 etc... Now the real way to be different to 90% of your competitors on the phone is to actually follow through! Really most people don't, they say they will but then let down and forget what they promised. Now if you DO send that email, DO call back when you say you will, GET your facts straight and do it quickly, you will see YOUR conversions go through the roof and you will be trusted and respected by customers and colleagues alike.

5. Don't forget to CLOSE! Simple but true, some people don't remember the reason for the call, getting into passing the time of day or drifting off subject, and forgetting to ask what they are wanting. It really is quite simple, if you want an appointment, you have to ask for one, if you want to sell a widget, you have to ask the prospect if he or she would like to place an order. Now, there are all manner of ways to close a sale, but if you simply ask for one in the first place, you are over 90% of the way there, build the asking for what you want into your script, just be easy about it! Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.

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